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Gigabit Broadband Services – State of the Market

Back in 2014, Broadbandtrends conducted a survey on Gigabit Broadband  to capture the current state of the market.

For the 2016 survey, we want to once again capture the current state of the market, but with more focus on trying to better understand the progress of those currently deploying gigabit services.

A sample of the questions we are trying to gain clarity include:

  1. Are take rates meeting expectations?

  2. How has the launch of gigabit services impacted overall broadband take rates?

  3. How have gigabit services impacted network traffic?

  4. What benefits have you gained from offering Gigabit broadband services?

  5. What remain the biggest challenges to offering Gigabit broadband?

If you are a town, city, municipality, utility, incumbent telco, cable operator, wireless operator, overbuilder/OTT, CLEC or alternative operator – we want your input.

Your responses are CONFIDENTIAL and will be merged and averaged with other participants’ data and reported in aggregate.

To thank you for participating – we will send you the complete final report – upon publication in mid November.

If you are interested in participating, please click on the following survey link:

We thank you in advance!



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