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Report Types & Methodology

Broadbandtrends LLC provides clients with a wide range of deliverables that address both short-term tactical issues as well as long-term strategic initiatives. A description of the report types is provided below, along with an overview of our methodology. 

Broadbandtrends Report


This report provides global broadband subscriber data by region, country and type.  

Market Share Report


This report provides Annual and Quarterly analysis and market share data by vendor and region. 

Market Outlook - Annual (Updates as needed)


This report provides a 5-year market forecast and analysis on selected subject.

Industry Perspective - 1 or more per quarter 


This report provides in-depth analysis of a technology, market or trend; carrier or vendor strategy; regulatory or market deployment update.

Report Methodology

Broadbandtrends utilizes a variety of research sources in the preparation of our Reports.  This includes primary research gained from telephone and in-person interviews with industry players – including equipment manufacturers, network operators, service providers, industry associations, regulators, utilities and financial analysts.  


In addition, analysts utilize information gained from secondary sources such a new releases, conferences, trade shows and websites.


These primary and secondary research sources, combined with the analyst’s industry expertise, form the foundation for the qualitative and quantitative analysis presented in Broadbandtrends’ Reports. We take care to insure that our analysis is well-supported by facts. 


In cases, where information is limited, assumptions are well documents.  Our analysts are prepared to explain these assumptions and the methodology applied, both within the report and in direct conversations with clients.

Vendor Strategy & Scorecard

This report provides competitive intelligence on major equipment vendors, their strategies, partners, product solution portfolio and identifies emerging/niche players. 

Global Operator Survey


This report provides a comprehensive assessment of service provider strategies based on a global survey for key inputs.  

Research Notes - Ongoing 


These 1-4 page reports provide real-time information on a variety of subjects pertaining to the broadband community, including major announcements or trade shows

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