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Who Are We?

Broadbandtrends LLC is an independent consulting firm.  Our historic focus has been on the ubiquitous connectivity of ultra-broadband (both fixed and mobile) infrastructure, services and regulation in the areas of Smart Grid, Connected Home, Digital Health/Fitness, Smart Cities, Wi-Fi, Wearables and IoT.  

Broadbandtrends LLC has recently expanded its consulting practice with additional coverage of the transportation sector as it relates to electric and autonomous vehicles with emphasis on battery technology, smart charging, autonomous trucking/rail as well as the regulatory challenges facing these sectors.


Broadbandtrends LLC offers a full range of strategic and custom services, providing unbiased, accurate and dependable research and analysis that will help drive tangible results for our clients.

Our clients include many of the leading providers of Telecommunications solutions in the industry today:


Our Commitment to Our Clients

To foster a collaborative environment that provides timely, unbiased and actionable insight and analysis that will help drive tangible results for our clients.  Our goal is to help our clients identify new opportunities, understand the challenges and optimize their strategies for success. 

Founder - Teresa Mastrangelo (Retired)


Teresa Mastrangelo, Founder, brings 34 years of telecommunications experience to Broadbandtrends LLC.  She is regarded as one of the leading analysts covering fixed and mobile broadband infrastructure and services and network transformation strategies.

In her role, Teresa works in an advisory position to equipment manufacturers, service providers, financial analysts and venture capital firms to identify emerging trends, new market opportunities and advise on product positioning, market development, and business plans. Her custom work includes Competitive Assessments and Market Entry Strategies, Product Portfolio Assessments, Market Validation Studies, Blogs, Webinars and White Papers.


She has been able to successfully leverage her extensive product management, product marketing and strategic planning background to bring an unmatched level of expertise to her market research and analysis.


She is an invited speaker at industry events around the world, including the Broadband World Forum in Europe and Asia, and is frequently quoted in trade and business publications such as Washington Post, San Jose Mercury, BusinessWeek, Smart Money, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Network World, and Lightwave. In addition, she contributes blogs and articles for many publications and sites.


Prior to founding Broadbandtrends LLC, Teresa worked for RHK as the Program Director for RHK's Broadband Network Strategies program, where she had responsibility for the development of global market research and analysis of broadband infrastructure and services; as well as circuit to packet migration and VoIP. Prior to RHK, Teresa held senior level product marketing and product management with Cisco Systems, Advanced Fibre Communications (now part of Tellabs) and NEC America, and Appalachian Power as a communications engineer.


Teresa was awarded her BS in Electrical Engineering from Virginia Polytechnic Institute in 1987.  Post graduate work includes The Management Institute at Roanoke College as well as executive programs at Penn State University.

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