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Verizon Wireline Services Rebound Nicely in 4Q11

Verizon announced its 4Q11 earnings this am and provided an update on its wireline status.  For the quarter, Verizon had a net growth of 98K broadband lines (+201k FiOS and -103k DSL).  FiOS TV net additions were 194k, while its FiOS Digital Voice experienced its strongest growth at +424k.

Some highlights:

  1. Total FiOS Internet customers are 4.817 million

  2. Total FiOS Video customers are 4.137 million

  3. Total FiOS Digital voice customers are 1.884 million

  4. Total FiOS RGUs are 10.874 million

  5. FiOS ARPU is $148/month and FiOS services now contribute 61% of consumer revenues

  6. 16.5 million premises passed at the end of 2001, up 900K from 2010

  7. FiOS Internet penetration is 35.5% (31.9% in 2010), FiOS Video penetration is 31.5% (28.0% in 2010)

Quarterly net additions by service type are down below: (source: broadbandtrends, Verizon)

Source:  broadbandtrends, Verizon


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