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Broadbandtrends LLC is an independent market analysis and consulting firm specializing in the coverage of next-generation telecommunications infrastructure and services, covering the entire broadband ecosystem from fixed to mobile.  With a key emphasis on ultra-broadband technologies and network transformation strategies, Broadbandtrends follows service provider transformation activity across the network, business and services segments and its impact on the digital economy.


Broadbandtrends LLC has expanded its research focus to highlight the ubiquitous connectivity of ultra-broadband (both fixed and mobile) infrastructure, services and regulation in the areas of Smart Grid, Connected Home, Digital Health/Fitness, Smart Cities, Autonomous Vehicles, Wearables and IoT.

Broadbandtrends LLC offers a full range of strategic and custom servicesOur goal is to provide unbiased, accurate and dependable research and analysis that will help drive tangible results for our clients.


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1Q21 Global Market Share - 10G PON

Publication Date: June 9, 2021

Report:  #BBT-21-1030

Number of Pages:  17 + Supplemental Spreadsheet

Cost: $1495 USD (includes 1 hours of inquiry time)


Broadbandtrends’ Global Market Share Report - 10G PON tracks 10G PON port shipments across all variants (XG-PON1, 10G EPON, XGS-PON & NG-PON2).  Data includes OLT port shipments and ONT unit shipments (XGS-PON only in current report) for both Global and Regional markets where applicable.  This is a new report and provides historical data from the initial 10G PON deployments back to 2011.  Data is updated quarterly and Market share is provided for both current quarter, as well as rolling 4-quarter. Executive Summary & Table of Contents 

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