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Strategic Services

Broadbandtrends LLC offers a full range of strategic services and custom work to meet your individual requirements. These services may be contracted on a project basis or for an hourly fee. Broadbandtrends also offers retainer services.

Our service capabilities include, but are not limited to the following:

Retainer Services


A monthly service (3-month minimum commitment) in which Broadbandtrends can offer general discussions and inquiry; Critique and make recommendations on existing marketing strategies and product marketing plans; Provide tactical advice on presentations, news releases and other collateral; Discussions/Briefings with investment firms and press


Competitive Intelligence


Designed to help clients better understand their primary competitors by determining their key characteristics. This is accomplished by analyzing competitor strategies, objectives, strengths and weaknesses and reaction patterns.


Competitive Benchmarking


Our services will determine which functions to benchmark; identify the key performance variables to measure; identify the best in class comparison; measure performance of best-in-class company; measure the company's performance, specify programs and actions to close the gap and implement and monitor results.


Product Marketing Plans


This service works with clients to develop a product marketing plan. Plans include current market situation; opportunity and issue analysis; objectives; marketing strategy; action programs; financial projections and implementation controls.


Product Portfolio Assessment


Determine if your current product portfolio is meeting strategic business objectives. Determine coverage gaps and areas of overlap. Understand what changes may need to be made to improve competitive position, including product migration strategies.


Market Intelligence


This service would perform opportunity assessment and business case analysis. Includes development of market segmentation and trend analysis to include market sizing and forecast. Determine what requirements are essential to be successful in market. Development of market entry strategies basis on analysis.


Product Marketing Reviews


Develop and/or review marketing presentations and messaging.


White Papers


Develop and write objective white papers, profiles, product briefs, case studies, and comparative assessments

Executive Presentations/Workshops


Provide objective data and analysis on market trends, competitive and market environment




Develop webcasts to educate, inform and introduce new products, solutions and technology

Blog Writing


Create and write blog posts on relevant topics to drive readership to 3rd party blog sites


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