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10G PON Deployment Strategies

Increasing demand for faster broadband speeds; the need for a cost-effective converged network; as well as support for future 5G networks and services is driving increased interest in 10G PON technology.

But which flavor will win?  Is it XG-PON? or XGS-PON, or NG-PON2 or 10G-EPON.  What is the transition and upgrade path that operators plan to implement?

What are the key drivers or perhaps more importantly – what are the key challenges as operators look to implement these technologies within their network?

What are the services they plan to deploy over these networks and what is the timeframe for residential deployments?

The multi-wavelength capabilities of NG-PON2 are highly attractive for a number of applications – however, to date this technology has been cost prohibitive.  Why and when will operators make this technology shift?

These are all questions (and a few more) that we hope to answer with our latest global operator survey:  10G-PON Deployment strategies.

If you are an operator that is currently deploying or plan to deploy these technologies – we want your input into a confidential survey.  To thank you for your time – we will provide the complete report upon publication.

To take the survey, please click on the following link:

Thank you in advance.  The survey closes on Friday October 12, 2018


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