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Broadband Gains Steady; Pay-TV Momentum Continues in 1Q12

Data for 1Q12 is in for just about every operators in North America. So how did the quarter shape up?  Here are the highlights:

  1. Total Fixed Broadband Subscribers were just under 101 million

  2. Cable represents 55 percent of subscribers, while Telco (FTTH + DSL)  represents 43%

  3. FTTH Subscribers reached 6.1 million at the end of 1Q12

  4. Demand for Pay-TV Continues to Grow; MSO losses at lowest levels in 3 years

  5. Telco TV remains the fastest growing segment of Pay-TV in 1Q12

  6. Telco TV Subscribers reach 10.3 million, AT&T & Verizon represents 81% of total

  7. Broadband penetration is 74.5% of U.S. households, 82% of Canadian households

During 1Q12, Cable contributed 68 percent of total net additions; followed by FTTH at 17 percent, DSL at 12 percent and Other at 3 percent.

Comcast maintains the lead as the largest provider of broadband in North America with 18.58 million subscribers, followed by AT&T with 16.53 million.

Overall demand for Pay TV services from North American operators continues to grow modestly in 1Q12, adding 552,000 net new subscribers to reach 111.802 million subscribers.  As shown in the Figure, Telco TV and Satellite operators had positive net additions, while Cable MSOs continue to lose subscribers – however, the loss is the lowest in nearly 3 years and some operators such as Cablevision actually experienced growth. Telco TV remains the bright spot, as net additions remain robust. 

Comcast remains the largest Pay TV operator in North America with 22.294M subscribers, followed by DIRECTV with 19.97M.  

Despite the fact that demand for streaming video services continues to grow, its impact on Pay-TV subscribership remains minimal and continues to perform more as an ancillary service to Pay-TV.


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