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Broadbandtrends Survey Provides Insight into Current State of Gigabit Broadband

Ahead of the FTTH Europe Annual Conference, broadbandtrends is offering a special discount on this report:  $1795 USD

Broadbandtrends released excerpts from its 2016 Global Service Provider Survey – Gigabit Broadband Services, which provides insight into the current state of the market; how operators are approaching the gigabit broadband market; and its impact on their business, as well as what challenges lie ahead.

Analyst Comment:

“Technology Leadership Perception and the ‘halo-effect” it creates remains a key benefit from offering Gigabit broadband, often resulting in gains in both subscribers and revenues – even if they do not take the Gigabit option,” states Teresa Mastrangelo, principal analyst with Broadbandtrends.

Survey Highlights:

  1. Unclear Return on Investment (ROI) was the #1 concern cited by operators

  2. The impact to overall network traffic from Gigabit Broadband services has been minimal, easing fears of increased backhaul costs

  3. Gigabit Broadband Demand is meeting or exceeding expectations for 66% of operators

  4. 61 percent of operators are offering symmetrical Gigabit Broadband to residential customers

  5. Multi-gigabit residential broadband remains nascent

  6. Strong interest in NG-PON2 starting in 2017 & for MDU applications

  7. Ultra HD (4KTV) showed the most promise as a future application over Gigabit Broadband, along with Smart Home services, such as automation, security and energy management

For its 29-page Gigabit Broadband Services Survey, Broadbandtrends interviewed key decision makers at 66 broadband operators (ILEC, CLECs, Municipalities, Utilities, Wireless, Cable and Alternative over-builders) in North America, EMEA, Asia Pacific, and CALA that were actively deploying Gigabit Broadband Services.  This survey provides insight into length of time offering Gigabit Broadband; key benefits; key challenges; deployed technology; service offerings (current & future); impact on network traffic; Gigabit Broadband availability; current take rates; as well as impact on overall broadband demand.

For additional information or to purchase the report, please contact Teresa Mastrangelo at 540.725.9774 or or visit  to purchase online.


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