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Global Telco TV Subscribers Reach 65 Million in 1Q12

Momentum continues to build in the Telco TV space as subscribers grew 9 percent quarter-over-quarter to exceed 65 million in 1Q12. 

EMEA continues to represent the largest Telco TV region, with  43% of total subscribers, followed by Asia Pacific with 40%, North America with 16 percent and CALA with 1%.

The strongest growth is found in the Asia Pacific region, driven largely by activity within China, but also Korea, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore.  Malaysia actually had the strongest quarterly growth, albeit from a small base, but growing rapidly as the deployment of the National Broadband Network continues.

Growth in North America remains essentially flat, with the bulk of subscribers found at both Verizon and AT&T (representing 81% of total North America Telco TV subs).

Telco TV subscribers remain negligible with the CALA region as compared to other regions; however, momentum is growing in multiple markets, particularly Brazil and Argentina, where Telcos are offering hybrid services using IP/Satellite or IP/DTT.  Trends that are not necessarily unique to this region, but more likely than a pure IPTV play.

China has passed France as the single largest Telco TV market with nearly 14 million subscribers, to  the 13.1 million in France.

 Source:  Broadbandtrends LLC


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