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Guest Blogging over at ADVA Optical Networks

Broadbandtrends is guest blogging over at ADVA Optical Networking with a post titled “Is the Cloud Turning Green?”

The focus of the blog is related to the energy efficiency of streaming media and its impact on data centers.  The idea for the blog was generated by an article referencing a study published by Musictank, entitled “The Dark Side of the Tune: The Hidden Energy cost of Digital Music Consumption”. The report examines the environmental impact from an energy efficiency and carbon foot-print view, of the current shifts in content consumption from an “ownership of physical product” towards “access via cloud-based content services”.

As we researched this topic – we found alot of interesting data related to the growing impact of cloud services on energy consumption.  In addition, we found out about a number of initiatives that are focused on improving this aspect of cloud services from organizations such as The GreenTouch consortium, the Global eSustainability Initiative (GeSI) and the Green Grid.

By coincidence, the EU issued a press release last week titled: “Digital Agenda: EU-funded research to make the “cloud” greener” related to its Eurocloud project.

Cloud based services are clearly growing in importance – an area that broadbandtrends will dedicated more focus on during 2013.

We hope you enjoy this post as much as we enjoyed writing it!


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