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North American Telcos’ Struggle to Gain Broadband Subscriber Continues in 3Q12

North American Telco operators struggle to gain fixed broadband subscribers endures as cable operators continue to capture a larger share of the market through faster speeds and better bundles. During 3Q12, cable operators outpaced Telco (DSL + FTTx) by 7:1 in net additions.

At the end of 3Q12, North American operators provided fixed broadband services to 102.2 million with cable representing 56.5 million, DSL at 36.6 million; FTTH at 6.7 million while the “other” category, reached 2.5 million.

Fixed Broadband penetration of U.S. households is 75.4 percent and 83.3 percent of Canadian households.

3Q12 North America Pay-TV

Demand for Pay-TV was flat – which is a good thing – after sharp declines in the last quarter.  Although, subscriber losses continue at Cable MSOs, demand for Telco TV and Satellite services helped to neutralize the declines. During 3Q12, Pay-TV operators lost 14,000 subs to reach 111.43 million subscribers.


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