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Special Report Discount for #FTTH2015 Attendees: Gigabit Broadband Services Deployment Operator Sur

In honor of the 2015 FTTH Conference and in celebration of Broadbandtrends’ 10th anniversary, we are offering a 25% discount off the list price to all attendees on a Global Operator Survey regarding their plans to offer Gigabit Broadband Services.

The October 2014 survey analyzes results from 88 interviews with ILEC, CLEC, Municipalities, Utilities and Alternative over-builders in all four major regions.

This survey provides insight into timing of deployments; key drivers; key challenges; technology selection; service offerings (current & future); pre-registration requirements; Gigabit Broadband availability (2014-2018); and anticipated Gigabit Broadband take rates (5 year period).  In addition, the survey features operator ratings of key FTTH vendors across multiple criteria.

Key findings of the survey include the following:

  1. Technology Leadership Perception was the #1 driver and rated the highest in importance for offering Gigabit Broadband

  2. The majority of operators are focusing Gigabit Broadband on Business and Institutional customers first; followed by residential

  3. Cloud-based backup and support for Ultra HD (4KTV) showed the most promise for emerging services over Gigabit Broadband

  4. GPON is the favored technology for residential Gigabit Broadband Deployments; while P2P Gigabit Ethernet is favored for businesses and Institutions

  5. The #1 challenge for offering Gigabit Broadband Services was unclear customer demand

  6. A surprising low percentage of operators are using “pre-registration” to determine build priorities

  7. Operators expressed a significant amount of uncertainty in anticipated take rates for Gigabit Broadband, particularly ILECs

  8. Calix is perceived as the top FTTH Vendor for Gigabit Broadband by respondents, followed by Cisco and ADTRAN

Please download the Executive Summary  & Table of Contents (BBT_SPSurveyGigabitBroadband_141280_TOC)  for more detailed information.

To purchase the report, please contact us at and mention FTTH2015 to receive your 25% discount.  This offer is good through 27 February 2015.


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