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Broadbandtrends Continuous Information Service

The Broadbandtrends Continuous Information Service is a market intelligence service that examines the entire ecosystem of stakeholders, networks, technology, and devices that enable a broadband connected economy. It identifies, analyzes, interprets and advises on the impact of technology and regulation on deployment and adoption, as well as how key trends and innovations are shaping the broadband economy with emphasis on vendor and service provider strategies.


Broadbandtrends provides strategic, competitive and market intelligence in the following key areas:


  • Ultra-Broadband Access Networks/Services/Devices

  • Internet of Things (IoT) & Smart Cities

  • Service provider transformation across the network, business and services

  • Emerging Broadband Issues, Challenges & Opportunities

  • Broadband's Role in the Digital Economy


Key Questions Explored:


The Broadbandtrends CIS is designed to provide answers and insight to the following questions:


  • What does the new "connectivity" paradigm mean to CSP networks?

  • How fast will “gigabit” broadband be deployed?

  • What is the role of a "service provider" versus a "network provider"?

  • What role will ultra-broadband technologies play in network transformation strategies?

  • How are non-traditional operators  and OTT providers forcing change in how CSP operate and deploy their networks?

  • How will the deployment of LTE, 5G and other mobile broadband technologies services impact fixed broadband access/services?

  • How will virtualization technologies impact ultra-broadband networks?

  • How will operators leverage Big Data & Small Data to drive new revenues and services?

  • How will 5G impact the network, services and business models?

  • How will operators measure their performance from a customer experience perspective?

  • What new applications are emerging that will drive additional revenue over ultra-broadband networks?

  • Which operators and vendors are driving innovation as networks and services transform?

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